We stock a wide range of steel reinforcing mesh. This is used universally for a variety of building and construction applications. Due to its strength and durability, mesh and rebar create a long lasting network of steel. The robustness of our steel consequently improves the integrity of structures.

Our mesh comes in a variety of grades and sizes. You can refer to our specification table for full details of our steel reinforcing mesh.

What is Steel Reinforcing Mesh?

Builders use reinforcing to create a skeleton within groundworks and supporting columns. The steel mesh is designed to be immersed into concrete to strengthen concrete slabs and limit cracking. As a result the concrete has a framework to adhere to. Consequently the increased surface area results in all-round improved strength.

Using Steel Reinforcing Mesh

Customers can pick from a selection reinforcing accessories to compliment our steel mesh. Using our range of spacers and deckchairs will help retain the positioning your reinforcing mesh. This in turn will allow you to achieve optimum strength and even distribution.

Why Builders Beams?

Builders Beams is your local supplier of steel. We provide builders and merchants across the UK the highest quality steel products. This is a service we have provided for many years. Therefore, we are experienced in overcoming an array of building related issues. No building project is too small or too big. Speak to one of our experts today to see how we can help.