What is Tying Wire for Rebar?

Rebar tying wire can be looped around two or more lengths of rebar and twisted together to help keep it in place. This offers a level of support and positioning prior to immersing in concrete. Commonly used on building sites it adds a more tailored approach to positioning your rebar if you are unable to use mesh.

About Our Rebar Tying Options

Our rebar wire solutions come in two forms.

Tying Wire

Firstly we have coils of black soft annealed wire. This offers the advantage of being able to cut to length for full flexibility.

Our rebar wire is pliable yet tough. It is easy loop around rebar and twist whilst being hard to break.

This black soft annealed wire is the most popular tying wire, annealed to the highest standard.

Double Loop Ties

Alternative to tying wire are our Double Loop Ties. They works simply by wrapping the tie around the reinforcing bar and pulling with a tying tool.

To achieve the best results these should be used a wire tying tool. This is a fast and easy option that requires no cutting to length.

Buying from Builders Beams

No matter which option you go for we have all the tools and options you need. With a variety of coil sizes you can select a wire reel that is suitable for the amount of rebar you need to secure.