We have a full range of spacers and deckchairs available. They help to ensure your steel reinforcing is positioned as intended. With an assortments of sizes, shapes and materials we have the solution you are looking for.

Our concrete spacer range offers a robust, long lasting option. Alternatively the plastic variation is available for lower budgets. We also stock lengths of wire deckchairs as well as concrete spacer covers. So our full array means you can pick and choose which elements you need to get your job done and within budget.

Why Use Spacers & Deckchairs?

Spacers and deckchairs are used to keep steel reinforcing mesh and rebar in place before applying concrete. As a result the integrity of your structural reinforcing is strengthened.

Why Buy from Builders Beams

Due to our experience in both the steel and construction industry we have learnt what works best with reinforcing. Our range of spacers & deckchairs have been selected to perfectly compliment our steel reinforcing mesh and rebar products.