Standard Hole Drillings

Fabricated Steel with Precision Drilled Holes

To allow steel sections to be rapidly bolted together on site, you can request a number of standard hole drillings in your beams. Below are a couple of examples of when steel is bolted together:

  • To give strength

    When a cavity wall needs to be supported above an opening, two parallel flange channels (PFCs) can be bolted together back to back, with a spacer in-between, in order to give strength to the walls.

  • For added height

    When projects are struggling for height, for instance in basements and lofts; it is often preferable to replace a deep beam with two smaller beams. However, to ensure stability and resistance to buckling, these beams need to be bolted together, and this is where a spacer is used. The bolts are typically 600 mm apart from each other.